On Firefox's antipathy to encryption

Overall, Firefox 3 is a great update. It's faster, leaner and though others may disagree, I love the Awesome Bar. Unfortunately, it's extremely hostile to secure web browsing and makes it all but impossible for regular users to use encryption for non-commercial purposes.

Previously, Firefox 2 would warn the user when accessing a secure site that didn't prove it's identity (a self-signed certificate), but it would let them through. Firefox 3 throws a screaming hissy fit, and forces the user through not one, but four confusing and intimidating gauntlets, none like the other. The stereotypical grandma simply isn't going to be able to make her way through that. Firefox 3 will not allow her to use encryption anywhere but her bank.

Phishing is a problem, but solving it does not justify banning all non-commercial encryption outside the nerd ghetto.

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