What I've been reading

Intel has announced they won't be using Vista, ever. I'm not the least bit surprised, I mean who would use Vista voluntarily, but I'm impressed they had the balls to so publicly poke Microsoft in the eye.

There a couple of important petitions floating around. The first, at ruinediphone.com is about the absurd pricing structure Rogers is proposing for the iPhone in Canada. The second is for Bill C-555 which very tamely gives some legislative guidelines to some of the rather arbitrary surcharges commonly put on cell phone bills, like the nonsensical "system access fee".

I'd prefer the telecom business be as unregulated as possible, but the government must step in when the market fails as it so blatantly has in this case. Hell, we've fallen well behind the Americans, not to mention the rest of the world.

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What I've been reading

Cory Doctorow has put out a nice short story about the future of books in The Bookseller (Warning: really obnoxious flash app.)

The Times reports that a Silicon Valley company is playing with a genetically modified strain of E. Coli that produces crude oil. Now, I don't know if they're on the level, but this isn't cold fusion. Someone will be doing this, and my bet is on sooner rather than later.

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What I've been reading

Here are some amazingly haunting long exposure shots of crowds faded into a ghostly fog.

code_swarm is a project that makes some really neat visualizations created from the history available in source code repositories. Processing, the library used to create the tool that made these videos looks like it might be fun to play with.

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What I've been reading

The Conservatives are trying to force American copyright law on us again. They tabled their "Made in Canada" legislation today, and just as feared it's a carbon copy of the DMCA (with a bit of that nasty mandatory review removed). Are they listening at all? Canadians have made it quite clear that we don't want stricter copyright. Hopefully the Liberals can find their spine long enough to keep this off the books.

The New Yorker is predicting the eradication of the Republican party in its current form. I hope, for all our sakes, that they're right. Their economy is teetering on the edge, and they need a bold leader if they're to avoid going over it. McCain would have made a fine placeholder president in 2000, but he simply doesn't have the vision to repair the damage caused in the last 8 years.

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Things I've liked

IEEE Spectrum is running an interesting issue on the singularity.

Apparently Jim Prentice (or more likely, his minions) have been vandalizing the Wikipedia entry on him, removing criticism of his ever looming Canadian DMCA. As per the Streisand effect, his shenanigans are now documented much more thoroughly.

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