Yay, books for me

Amazon delivered Charles Stross' newest, Saturn's Children for me today. Stross is one of the most prolific authors in scifi today, but I find I'm always desperately waiting for something new from him. Even if it has a really silly cover.

I also picked up Iain M Bank's Matter and Excession. I've only recently been turned on to his Culture universe, and I've loved it. Once these are done, there's only 3 more for me, though. :(

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What I've been reading

Cory Doctorow has put out a nice short story about the future of books in The Bookseller (Warning: really obnoxious flash app.)

The Times reports that a Silicon Valley company is playing with a genetically modified strain of E. Coli that produces crude oil. Now, I don't know if they're on the level, but this isn't cold fusion. Someone will be doing this, and my bet is on sooner rather than later.

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