QT now LGPLed

I'd been hoping this might happen ever since Nokia bought Trolltech, but now it's happened.

Qt, the cross platform library most widely used as the base for KDE can now be used by all projects, regardless of the license they use. Qt is an awesome library, and Trolltech was certainly justified in charging for commercial licenses, but it effectively nixed any non-open source activity on the KDE platform. If you just needed Qt for KDE support, the licensing fees were just too onerous to consider. (They stopped advertising them at some point, but IIRC they were about $4k per developer per year.)

This didn't nudge people to opening proprietary software, it just pushed them away from KDE to Gnome/GTK. Now that this hurdle is gone, both projects can compete on their merits rather than their licenses.

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Psystar plans to counter sue Apple

Psystar has laid out its defence plans against Apple. They will be suing them under the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton Antitrust Act arguing that tying OS X to Apple hardware is monopolistic.

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Psystar still selling Mac clones

Psystar, the plucky little Mac clone company, is still selling its wares despite the Apple lawsuit. They've hired some pretty heavy hitters themselves, so I'm not quite convinced they're really doing this on their own.

Regardless, I wish them luck. If they can force Apple to accept commoditized hardware it will be a big win for the whole industry, Apple included.

Well, except for Microsoft.

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What I've been reading

The Conservatives are trying to force American copyright law on us again. They tabled their "Made in Canada" legislation today, and just as feared it's a carbon copy of the DMCA (with a bit of that nasty mandatory review removed). Are they listening at all? Canadians have made it quite clear that we don't want stricter copyright. Hopefully the Liberals can find their spine long enough to keep this off the books.

The New Yorker is predicting the eradication of the Republican party in its current form. I hope, for all our sakes, that they're right. Their economy is teetering on the edge, and they need a bold leader if they're to avoid going over it. McCain would have made a fine placeholder president in 2000, but he simply doesn't have the vision to repair the damage caused in the last 8 years.

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Things I've liked

IEEE Spectrum is running an interesting issue on the singularity.

Apparently Jim Prentice (or more likely, his minions) have been vandalizing the Wikipedia entry on him, removing criticism of his ever looming Canadian DMCA. As per the Streisand effect, his shenanigans are now documented much more thoroughly.

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