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Did the Americans just elect the first internet president?

I thought this was when he was supposed to sit down and soberly explain that, regardless of the campaign, he does not in fact poop sunshine.

He doesn't... right?



Apparently they've silently removed all the pages under the "agenda" topic. Granted this is all happening fast, but doing it surreptitiously isn't very encouraging.

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Harper chomping at the bit for an election

Steven Harper is pushing hard to call a snap election in the next week or so. Canadian election law mandates a 6 week campaign, so we'd actually be at the polls no earlier than mid-October.

Why is Harper so keen on an election right now? The political landscape isn't really in his favour; the best he could hope for would be another Conservative minority government. That's not in his personal best interest, as it would likely result in his position being reassessed by the party.

Harper claims that the current parliament is dysfunctional, but that clearly isn't the case. By any objective measurement, this parliament has been extremely compliant in its minority status. The Conservatives have gotten quite a bit of their agenda through, which is unusual in a minority parliament, especially considering that they have no real allies in the other parties.

Dion has suggested that Harper wants to preempt several by-elections that have been called, and that he wants to avoid committee hearings on Conservative scandals. I don't think that's really it. Yes, the Liberals would get a bit of momentum from wins in the by-elections, but that's not certain and hardly fatal anyway. The committee hearings are important, but they haven't gotten much traction in the public view.

In my view, Harper is terrified of Obama. Improved relations with the US was the primary selling point the Conservatives used in the last election and that would be squarely on the Liberal's side with Obama in the Whitehouse. Further, it'd be seen as inappropriate for the Liberals to assume that Obama will be the president before he's elected, so Harper is desperate to get Canadians to the polls before November 4th.

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Psystar plans to counter sue Apple

Psystar has laid out its defence plans against Apple. They will be suing them under the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton Antitrust Act arguing that tying OS X to Apple hardware is monopolistic.

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Psystar still selling Mac clones

Psystar, the plucky little Mac clone company, is still selling its wares despite the Apple lawsuit. They've hired some pretty heavy hitters themselves, so I'm not quite convinced they're really doing this on their own.

Regardless, I wish them luck. If they can force Apple to accept commoditized hardware it will be a big win for the whole industry, Apple included.

Well, except for Microsoft.

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What I've been reading

Intel has announced they won't be using Vista, ever. I'm not the least bit surprised, I mean who would use Vista voluntarily, but I'm impressed they had the balls to so publicly poke Microsoft in the eye.

There a couple of important petitions floating around. The first, at ruinediphone.com is about the absurd pricing structure Rogers is proposing for the iPhone in Canada. The second is for Bill C-555 which very tamely gives some legislative guidelines to some of the rather arbitrary surcharges commonly put on cell phone bills, like the nonsensical "system access fee".

I'd prefer the telecom business be as unregulated as possible, but the government must step in when the market fails as it so blatantly has in this case. Hell, we've fallen well behind the Americans, not to mention the rest of the world.

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